Safe and cheap places to live in St. Louis, Mo?

I’m 18 and live at home in Southwest county STL and want to move out.

The places can be in Saint Charles ETC as long as its cheap and safe under $1000 one bedroom

You wont have any problem finding a one bedroom under $1000/month in most nice areas. Check out Clayton or Chesterfield.

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  1. You wont have any problem finding a one bedroom under $1000/month in most nice areas. Check out Clayton or Chesterfield.
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  2. Most of the areas in West County is safe and secure. St. Peters is also a very nice area
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  3. Under 1000? you can pretty much move wherever you want in st. louis for that price if you are only getting a 1 bedroom!!!

    I’m currently in South County.

    If you want something cheap (that is not as far as St. Charles… bc yes you can get a nice place for a reasonable price. but it also seems far from everything if you are used to the South)…. I would say:
    Dogtown if you are wanting to rent out a house
    Kirkwood/Webster also has a lot of houses for rent
    St. Louis Hills, right around Francis Park

    these 2 may be a little more pricey but you will have NO issue finding something in your budget.
    Central West End

    Arnold is really cheap but that is pretty far out too!

    most people would agree, west county and chesterfield are very safe. but it’s also a very rich neighborhood… i personally wouldn’t fit in there.

    if i had $1,000 to spend, i would move to gentry’s landing or mansion house downtown st. louis on one of the top floors! but that is just me. people have mixed reviews on the safeness of downtown… but i personally feel it is. you will get an occasional begger there, but they are harmless. lofts on wash avenue are awesome too!!!

    do a google search "apartments in st. louis"
    or go to:
    pick up an apartment guide in a grocery store…

    compare prices, location, amenities, apartment features, etc. see what best fits your needs.

    me for example, i like the city life… balcony, view, washer and dryer in apartment, floor to ceiling windows, workout center, swimming pool, sauna, etc therefore mansion house downtown IS perfect for me bc it fits all of my needs (cept the w/d.. but i give and take there for the amazing views and floor to ceiling windows).

    good luck! go view some apartments and shop around before u make your decision! u wanna make sure you are going to be truly happy considering you will be signing a contract!
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  4. I have found that the best locations are probably Brentwood Forest, Chesterfield, or St. Peters. Those places are pretty safe. A one bedroom in any of these places will probably be less than $1000.

    Use to look up the amenities that you want and the location. You can also narrow the price range. I think that is the website I used to look for ideas on where to live.
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  5. the loop. isn’t that where nelly said he’s from. it’s also near washington university so there’s going to be lots of people going back and forth at night, making it more safe. lots of businesses.

    south county. the further away from st. louis, the safer.
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