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Unemployment figures are higher than they have been in decades, homes are being foreclosed on in record amounts, and our nation’s debt level is rising at an astounding rate. This is all very frightening to the average citizen. Even the post office is talking about making drastic cuts so no job is safe anymore. Many are finding that it is necessary to relocate in order to find new employment. Yet, how do you know which city to choose? Where are cheap places to live? Moving from one bad situation to another is not going to help. There are many factors to consider before taking this step. You will need to know the cost of living for an area, the tax rate, whether quality health care is available and if jobs are in abundance in that particular city. Once you have this information in hand, you can make an informed decision about relocating and whether or not it is right for you.

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Fort Worth, Texas is a city that should be strongly considered in your search. As this is the seventeenth largest city in the United States, there is much to be found here that people like. Ranked the tenth safest city of its size, parents can feel comfortable raising their children in Fort Worth. The climate is mild throughout the year. A normal low in January is 33 degrees while an average high in mid summer is 96 degrees, comfortable enough for anyone. Average annual rainfall is 34.39 inches if that is also of concern to you. The median family income is just over $57,000 and job growth is at almost 17%. Housing is reasonable, with the median home price at $128,000. As far as taxes go, Texas does not tax personal income not does it have a state property tax. Fort Worth assesses an 8.25% sales tax as well as a property tax of .8550 per $100 of valuation. Health care is abundant in Forth Worth which makes this a great city to live in all around.

If you are looking for cheap places to live in the New England area, Pittsburgh may be the perfect choice for you. Ranked by Forbes as one of the three cheapest cities in which to reside in the mid-Atlantic region, Pittsburgh has many things going for it. The median home price in Pittsburgh is $79,380 with a property tax rate of $23.54 per $1000 valuation. The average high in July is 84.2 while the average low in January is 23.8. Pittsburgh receives approximately 36.1 inches of rain every year and 29.3 inches of snowfall. If you love four clearly defined seasons, this is the city for you. Income taxes are 4.68% while the sales tax rate is 7%. Future job growth for this area is expected to be 33.2% so definitely put this city on your list. Although it cannot compare to many Southern cities in certain statistical areas, if the northeast is on your list of best places to live, Pittsburgh should be a top consideration. Health care is also easily available in the Pittsburgh region.

If the East Coast is where you plan to locate, consider the city of Durham, North Carolina. Forbes recently names this one of the three best places to ride out a recession thank to the diversity of businesses housed here. Quality health care is available at every turn as this is one of the industries Durham in known for. Yet, the main advantage of living in Durham, North Carolina is that is one of the cheap places to live as the cost of living is 6.23% below the national average. Median house cost is $166,190 and the property tax rate is $11.13 per $1000 assessed value. Both sales tax and personal income tax are at 7% currently, while the average household income is $46,388. Future job growth is expected to be higher than the national average so this would be a good city to relocate to.  Durham does experience more rainfall than the national average as well as much lower snowfall totals, but overall the climate is pretty mild. The average July temperature is 89.3 while the average January low is 28.8 degrees.

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For those who prefer to live in the heartland of America, consider Oklahoma City as your next home. Thanks to the military and many other businesses this is one of the areas in the country that has a positive outlook about their economic future. Not only are jobs readily available, quality health care is also thanks to such institutions as the INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center. Recent job growth is positive and future job growth is expected to be ten percentage points above the national average. Buying a home is affordable in Oklahoma City as the average house price is $114, 770. Property tax rates are currently at $8.94 per $1000 which is $4.5 below the national average. Household income averages out at $40, 477 with personal income taxes at 7% and sales tax at 8.38%. Rainfall averages around 30 inches and snowfall amounts are less than three inches yearly. Average July temperatures are 91.9 degrees while January temperatures are 24.1.

If Albuquerque, New Mexico is on your list of best places to live and work, you are not alone. Albuquerque receives only eight inches of rain and eight inches of snowfall every year for those who like sunny days. The average July high is 88.8 degrees while the average low in January is 26.1. Median housing cost for this area is $166,830 still well below the national average and the property tax rate is $8.82 per $1000 assessed value. Recent job growth has been a slight negative, yet future job growth is expected to be good. The sales tax for Albuquerque is 6.75% and the personal income tax is 7.10%, slightly higher than national averages, but still affordable. The rate of physicians per 100,000 people is more than double the national average so quality health care surrounds you.

Whichever city you decide to relocate in, be sure to consider cheap places to live. Just because it is inexpensive to live there does not mean you will feel deprived. Cheap cities often offer opportunities not found in other locations. Consider all options before making a major move of this type. Yet, by relocating, you may be able to maintain, if not improve, your standard of living which everyone appreciates.

What’s a good/cheap place to live in Alaska?

Question by Kevin: What’s a good/cheap place to live in Alaska?
Me and my cousin want to move to Alaska in about to year when we finish school at that time ill be 21 and he’ll be 19 and we are looking for a place in Alaska to move too, we current live in the Bremerton WA. Area and we figure we’ll need at least $ 10,000 to live on for the first year while we find jobs, and we want to know what’s a good place that’s not expense, and we already know the cost of livings higher there and that’s why we need some advise/tips on the best way to go about it

Best answer:

Answer by crnd
There are no cheap places to live in Alaska……the only state where the cost of living is higher is Hawaii. Gas generally costs $ 1/gal more than the lower 48, and that’s in the cities. Rural areas are more. The capital city in Juneau was recently noted for having the most expensive McDonald’s quarter pounder with cheese in the country. Two people can’t live in AK for a year for $ 10K.



Sorry for the bad news.

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California, crappy place to live now?

Question by tim c: California, crappy place to live now?
Do you think California has become a crappy place to live now? It’s a massive state. I’m a NorCal native, and I still live here, born and raised. The weather is pleasant and there’s some variety–lots of rain in the winter and sunny summers. And of course it’s beautiful with SF being nearby and all the cool cities and national parks. But the economy is just bad and a lot of people are moving. Unemployment, high cost of living, etc.

My mom’s side of the family emigrated from China to NorCal, and I think they were better off in China. Some of my relatives in China are extremely rich. My dad is from Pennsylvania and I think even though he likes the warmer weather and nicer scenery here, he kind of regrets moving here. He doesn’t like the massive influx of illegal immigration from Mexico, but personally, I don’t mind them. I’ve had friends who were illegal Mexican immigrants and told me that, but I think it’s not good for California.

I also have seen the state being rated the worst run state in the US, which isn’t hard to believe.

I still love CA kinda but I think it’s lost it’s charm now… what do you guys think?
@Julie, want to explain why not?

Best answer:

Answer by Theodore
California will always have an appeal to it. We have beautiful beaches and mountains as well as the film industry and silicon valley.

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Is boston a nice place to live?

Question by Ester: Is boston a nice place to live?
My dad is looking for a new job and he’s getting interviewed for one in boston soon! so my question is, is boston a nice place to live? my mom has told me about the 3 hour train ride to NY, the cape cod beach, the shopping, the amazing italian food and more! but does anyone know how good of a city it would be for a 15 year old girl? I know there’s like 20 some colleges out there so there’s a lot of young folks (at least thats what my mom said) but would it be fun?PLEASE ANSWER IF YOU’VE EVER BEEN TO BOSTON, LIVE THERE OR JUST KNOW A LOT ABOUT IT! thanks <3

Best answer:

Answer by Punk Rock and Minerals
yes it is a nice place to live if you can afford it
the city s very expensive
chances are your family wll be living in the suburbs

the city itself is great, with lots to do for people of any age. there is a very youthful vibe due to all the college students there. The beaches on the cape are nearby, and are great. Alos head to Salem as well.

however, winters in New England suck, there is nothing good about them
also the traffic is real bad. Drivers are very agressive, and in the city the roads are crazy, and the pedestrians are crazier, nd once you get where you are going there is no place to put the car. however the local mass transportation (the T) is pretty good, and will take you to most places you would want to go

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Where is the cheapest place to live?

Question by mrssquarepants619: Where is the cheapest place to live?
AS in where can u get the cheapest houses and cars and shiit….?
not mexico…somewhere in the U.S. people….

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Answer by Nettel

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Good Winter Places to Live?

Question by Soccer_Forward: Good Winter Places to Live?
I am looking to move, and wanted to compile input from people who live in areas that receive a lot of snow. I would like the area to be nice to live in, and a good place for jobs,schools, economy. So, not just a little town in the woods, please. I would appreciate your take on the places you live, pros-cons, etc. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Sarah
I live in the inland northwest (Spokane WA and Coeur D’Alene ID). These are 2 great cities to live in. There is excellent winter, spring, summer and fall seasons. Lots of Mountains to do winter activities lots of lakes to do summer activities. I love it here and wouldn’t want to go any place else. There are no tornado’s, big bugs or snakes either.

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The Best Places to Retire in the United States

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Is Italy a good place to live?

Question by Rochelle: Is Italy a good place to live?
I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and am thinking about living there after i’ve completed college. Before i go i want to earn some money though so maybe five years after college. I wanted to know if Italy was a good place to live, like economy wise. Also i wanted to know the best place to live in Italy city wise.

Best answer:

Answer by Claudio C
Hello. I don’t know why you think about living in Italy; but I would comment that if you have no idea of which city might be the best for you, you have a rather confused idea of it. When one decides to live in another country, one ought to choose because of realistic considerations, especially as for job and for accommodation, not just because of the way of life. And of course, one ought to know the local language, or be ready to learn it very soon.
Generally speaking, Italy is at present in a situation of job shortage and economy is rather critic.

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Stoke-on-Trent in top five cheapest places to live in Britain

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